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Stop, academic bully! emoji stickers

Shifty academics getting you down at Uni? Create With developed this Shushmoji set for poking fun at those goblins, orcs, trolls and ogres whose incivility makes the Ivory Tower stink!

Whether they be plagiarists, bullshitters or solipsists, you can find the right shushmoji for flagging naughty behaviour and illicit contexts:

  1. academic sewer
  2. ringleader of the tormentors
  3. schill
  4. hot button topic attention seeker
  5. enjoys attacking superiors
  6. enjoys attacking academic leaders
  7. self professed academic heavyweight
  8. plagiarist
  9. mob dogpiler
  10. idea thief
  11. intellectual lightweight
  12. bullshitter who baffles brains
  13. academic myopia
  14. solipsistic academic
  15. no changer
  16. nitpicker who does not add to the debate
  17. boomerang
  18. academic_white_knight
  19. line_crosser
  20. failblog_troll

'Speak to this sticker, not my face!’ is the communication-ending style that these emoji stickers will hopefully encourage by alerting academic cyberbullies that you are onto them.

Stop, academic bully! stickers can can be accessed via the Shushmoji app for WhatsApp. Kindly click on the yellow button below to see examples of this set in use.

WhatsApp stickers

Choose from our range of stickers we've created for WhatsApp on Android. Here are a few examples from the set.

academic sewer troll emoji

Academic sewer

Ringleader of the tormentors emoji

Ringleader of the tormentors

Schill troll emoji


Hot button topic attention seeker emoji

Hot button topic attention seeker

Enjoys attacking superiors emoji image

Enjoys attacking superiors

Enjoys attacking academic leaders emoji troll image

Enjoys attacking academic leaders

Self professed academic heavyweight emoji troll image

Self professed academic heavyweight

Plagiarist troll emoji image