Stop, academic bully! vectors

Use our Stop, academic bully! vectors all over your books, walls, phone covers or wherever your academic cranium (that's a brain) can imagine.

22 original full colour illustrations supplied with/without white outline and with/without dies for setting up as magnets, stickers or whatever you fancy.

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Silly ass donkey stickers
Young girl with a book bag. An academic troll image is printed on the fabric
Sexy girl with an academic troll image is printed on her t-shirt
A young male skater with an academic bullshitter troll printed on his t-shirt
A yellow mug with an academic white knight printed on the side

WhatsApp stickers

Choose from our range of stickers we've created for WhatsApp on Android. Here are a few examples from the set.

academic sewer troll emoji

Academic sewer

Ringleader of the tormentors emoji

Ringleader of the tormentors

Schill troll emoji


Hot button topic attention seeker emoji

Hot button topic attention seeker

Enjoys attacking superiors emoji image

Enjoys attacking superiors

Enjoys attacking academic leaders emoji troll image

Enjoys attacking academic leaders

Self professed academic heavyweight emoji troll image

Self professed academic heavyweight

Plagiarist troll emoji image


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