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Stop, bully!

Emoji stickers app for WhatsApp on Android

Where a Do Not Feed the Trolls (DNFTT) approach fails, the Stop, bully! app offers a no- muss, low-fuss option for taking out troll trash. Yip, ‘speak to this sticker, not my face!’ is just the communication-ending style that this Android app should encourage. Use its stickers to flag uncivil WhatsApp comments from absolute strangers, who still think they’re in your ‘WhatsApp group’. Or simply poke fun at tactless friends and colleagues.

Download our app from the Google Play Store today and use any of its ‘Stop, bully for free!’ emoji stickers at no cost. Once installed, you can sets by buying them. These are currently Stop, silly troll!! and Stop, academic bully!.

How to use the Stop, bully! app

  1. Download the app from Google Play
  2. Install the app and open it
  3. Open WhatsApp
  4. Find a trolly conversation in your WhatsApp group
  5. Select an emoji sticker from the Stop, bully for free! emoji set.
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